About Dianne

Dianne has made quilts for nearly thirty years and along the way has been president of The Quilters Guild NSW for the Bicentenary, exhibited internationally, curated exhibitions, explored the history of Australian quilts, written books and articles, fundraised, and travelled around the world teaching.

Conducting lectures and workshops throughout Australia and around the world, a highlight was a lecture given at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. She write books and articles on quilting; most recently, QUILTS 2000, Australia Celebrates.

named one of the eighty-eight leaders in the quilt world by Nihon Vogue

Named one of the eighty-eight leaders in the quilt world by the Japanese company Nihon Vogue, Dianne was also named International Quilting Teacher and awarded the Jewel Pearce Patterson International Quilting Teacher scholarship for 1994, which culminated in an exhibition of works by her and her students at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

Dianne's quilts are in the Powerhouse Museum and collections in Australia, the USA, Canada, England and Scotland. She has been an invited artist in The World Quilt, Tokyo, in the USA, Canada, Spain, Holland, Germany and New Zealand.

Married with three sons, Dianne holds a Master of Arts, Diploma of Education, Certificate of Fibre Arts.

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